About Us


OME PEANUT GARDEN FOOD INDUSTRIES SDN. BHD. has been processed a plenty of nuts, beans and peas products and suited palates of the myriad people of Asia and Middle Eastern countries in the past few decade. HOME PEANUT GARDEN FOOD INDUSTRIES SDN. BHD. (Home Peanut Garden ) was establihed by Mr. Soh Fook Heng and Madam Lu Goon Eng ( husband & wife ), his family term member and started the operation in Jinjang on 28th June 1994. Today, Home Peanut Garden has developed into a manufactorer with sealed reputation in the nut, bean and pea products market. Home Peanut Garden has set up the complete supply chain of nuts beans and peas product, from purchasing fresh raw materials to delivery of finished products, we believe our in-house research and development term is able to enchance pur innovative product continuosly for our dearly consumers.

Our Mission

Our mission is to produce a healthy, safety and good quality nuts products to consumer. We can tailor-made the product according to client’s taste buds, and continuosly improving our systematic operations to satisfy our valued customer’s need is our commitment.

Our Vision

Our vision is to delight customers around the world with a delectable variety of healthy and quality nuts.


In 28th June 1994, Mr. SOH FOOK HENG and Madam. LU GOON ENG ( husband & wife ) established Home Peanut Garden Food Industries Sdn. Bhd. With his experience of roasting peanuts. He tried to share this delicious enjoyment to peaple with his nut, bean and pea products. Home Peanut Garden began its operation humbly in homestyle business entity which located in Jinjang, Kuala Lumpur with the help of family members.
After 3 years of perseverance, his business was growing rapidly and he was able to move his production facilities in a larger place. In March of 1997, the new premise was relocated in a industrial which location in Arab-Malaysian Industrial Park, Nilai with total area of 47’318square feet and building area of 25’393 square feet. This is the good beginning for his busness.
After that, Home Peanut Garden has established a subsidiary company named HPG Marketing ( M ) Sdn. Bhd. Since 1998. In year 2003, Home Peanut Garden Brands products successfully pentrated in Saudi Arabia’s market. In the next year, Home Peanut Garden have Achieved HALAL Certificate from Jakim, Malaysia and the 3th Asia Pacific e-Entreprenear Excellence Award 2004.
Today, Home Peanut Garden has shared the delicious of its product to Palestine, Jordan & other countries from its home country office in Malaysia.
We continue to spand the delicious of our products to our valued consumers..


28th June 1994Establish Home Peanut Garden and start operation which located in Jinjang ( homestyle business ).
March 1997Moved to own premises factory which located in Arab-Malaysian Industrial Park, Nilai, Negeri Sembilan.
12th November 1998Establish a subsidiary company; HPG Marketing ( M ) Sdn. Bhd. In a light industrial lot with 2’000sg.ft.. to enhance the marketing network.
August 2003Home Peanut Garden Brand’s products successfully penetrated into Saudi Arabia’s market .
01st June 2004Achieve HALAL Certificate from JAKIM ( MALAYSIA ).
20th June 2004Achieve The 3th Asia Pacific e-Entrepreneur excellence Award 2004.
March 2007
Expand premises built up area to fulfill the increasing demanding order.
June 2007Home Peanut Garden Brand’s products successfully penetrated into targeted market’s Palestine ( Isreal ) and Jordan.
16th December 2007 accreditedAchieve ISO 9001 and HACCP Certification from IEC which by UKAS United Kingdom.
2008Our subsidiary company; HPG Marketing ( M ) Sdn. Bhd. Moving to own new premises with 30’000sq.ft. Building.
01st March 2010Proud to be one of the welcome snacks served in flight cabin.


All HOME PEANUT GARDEN product’s are undergo stringent quality control checks and comply with all local food regulations before they are made available for the consumer market. We have stringent supply chain management control from raw material sourcing to finished goods packing according to :

  • ISO 9001:2008 Standard
  • Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point ( HACCP )MS1480:2007 System
  • Malaysia HALAL Status MS1500:2009 From JAKIM
  • In order to achieve excellent quality
  • It is our company policy to select only the best sources and most reliable suppliers from around the globe.

Our Customers

Our Local Customers
We supply to the major Hypermarkets, Repacker and Retail chains, our corporate clients included Restaurants, Pubs, Karaokes, Catering companies and Airline.

Our Export Customers
We export to the following contries;- Singapore, Saudi Arabia, Jodan, Kuwait, Palestine, Mauritius